Stewart Acuff

Dec 6

Offshoring Jobs

We got about seven questions and comments on Daily Kos yesterday about some tax policy, especially how it is that the US tax policy encourages offshoring jobs.

Senator Bernie Sanders has done a fantastic job of putting together a complete tax plan that would dramatically reduce both our debt and our deficit with no cost to workers and the middle class. You can read his entire Progressive Deficit Reduction Plan BY CLICKING HERE.

Senator Sanders has identified loopholes that encourage offshoring jobs. Companies use loopholes in the tax code called deferral and foreign source income. In the last decade, we lost 30% of our manufacturing jobs and more than 50,000 factories were shut down. If the loopholes were closed, the Joint Tax Committee estimates we could raise more than $582 billion in the next 10 years – not to mention taking away huge incentives to move manufacturing jobs offshore.

Please call your Senators and your Representative again today and tell them to tax the rich and hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!

The Radical Rightwing Republicans only want to widen grotesque inequality by cutting benefits to our elders and not touching the richest people in America.

It is beyond me that a group of radical rightwingers who beat their chests about their patriotism would put the country at risk by doing all they can to protect artificially low tax rates for the obscenely rich top 2% in America.


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