Stewart Acuff

May 7

Neoconservative Hawks are Beating Their War Drum Again…

The same neoconservative war hawks are stepping up their calls for war in Syria. There is an awful civil war in Syria. It is not clear that US involvement in that war would mitigate the killing and atrocities.

We as a nation are very war weary. We spent more than 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan with the loss of 150,000 lives in Iraq. We lost 4000 Americans and many, many more with amputation, concussive brain injuries, and lots of Post-traumatic stress disorder.

In my opinion, entering another Mideastern civil war would end up aiding and abetting al-Qaida. We’ve already been fighting two wars have that drained our treasury. Starting another one makes no sense.

This new war is being called for by the same radical right-wing Republicans who gave us the blind, non-strategic cuts of the sequester, who want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and who refuse to invest in America’s future and put our people back to work.

It is time to fix America before we get bogged down in another Mideast war. And there is a whole lot to fix now.

The jobs creators – remember those people at the top of the economy raking in all the wealth that results from increased productivity, the same folks who pay half the income tax rate that you and I pay – well they aren’t creating jobs. They’re investing all right. They’re investing in the stock market which is climbing, the paper economy instead of the real job creating economy. And they continue to get more and more rich while we get more and more poor.

Big props to UFCW and SEIU for taking on very tough battles that must be fought. Both unions are engaged in huge organizing fights – UFCW against Walmart with organizing and action all over America, and SEIU is assisting the fast food workers who’ve been organizing, striking, and fighting in New York City and other places.

Photo Credit: Overpass Light Brigade

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