Stewart Acuff

Feb 4

In Memoriam CJ Bevins

This young man, CJ Bevins, was killed during a drilling accident at work on May 1st, 2011. I wrote this poem to commemorate CJ, and celebrate a life that was taken too soon.


One family’s loss seems a ripple

In a sea of grief and heartache

Yet this family a unit of love and a

Right relationship to our world

Misses part of its collective soul

CJ’s own hands built their shelter

And his heart sheltered their hearts

CJ ripped from them leaving a

Wound that cannot heal

By those who run too much of our lives

Who value money over love, people,

Humanity, our earth and take us and

Our people and loved ones who just

Did their jobs snatched from us

By those who care more for a

Green piece of paper than they do for

Us and ours who give love and

Use their hearts and hands to

Bless the rest of us and our world.

Rest easy, CJ, you are loved.


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