Stewart Acuff

Jul 26

I will be on Thom Hartmann’s Show Tonight!

I’m excited this morning that I will be on Thom Hartmann‘s national tv show tonight at 7 pm on the RTTV cable network. Please tune in. Thom is America’s most progressive broadcaster. It is always fun and exciting to be on his show.

Please help us spread the word about the show. I guarantee it will be great!

And please get in the habit of watching Thom at 7 eastern. He is definitely the smartest and most progressive broadcaster in America.

I just spent a great week in Illinois with my friends Scott Marshall and Roberta Wood. This past Monday, I did a 3 hour presentation, training, and discussion with a group of activists and organizers in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago – the neighborhood old man Daley came from. The group delivers some social services now, but they are thinking of becoming a worker center, so we used my new mini eBook 18 Essential Qualities That Every Organizer Must Have. It went very well. That little mini eBook has been very well used and received. Make sure you download a copy! I’m sure you’ll find it very useful.

Tuesday we drove down to Champaign and to the campus of the University of Illinois for the Steelworkers summer school.

My friend Scott is the head of the Steelworkers retiree organization in District 7, Indiana and Illinois, so I spent all of Wednesday with these fantastic retired union leaders whose stories of struggle inspired and moved me. I spoke about the assault of the Financial Elite on our democracy, and the stirring happening in the land, the building push back, and the possibility of real movement by our people determined not to lose their democracy. We also discussed the unique contributions our elders can make in this great struggle.

Change is coming to America. We will either have change forced on us by our enemies, or we will force the change ourselves and lift up America and her people.


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