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May 21

How Many People Must Be Killed and Pain Suffered Before We Get Busy on Climate Change?

First, let me remind all who are in the DC area of the book and poetry reading and signing that brilliant young poet Ingrid Anders and I are doing Friday night, May 24 at 6:30 pm at Kefa Cafe on Bonifant St. at Georgia Ave in Silver Spring, MD.

For the third evening in a row, we watched last night as a tornado destroyed a school in Oklahoma – a school that was filled with children. We know to expect tornadoes in spring in Oklahoma, Kansas, and SW Missouri. What is different this year is the number of days and number of tornadoes and the severity of the tornadoes that are ripping up towns, schools, and homes.

One of the tornadoes that hit a school with 75 kids in it was at least a mile wide. A local news report said that this may be the worst in recorded history.

This is after freak Superstorm Sandy that New Jersey and Long Island are still trying to recover from.

I worry about the upcoming hurricane season.

All these terrible tragedies are evidence of the reality of global climate change that will only get worse.

As carbon in the atmosphere allows the earth to heat up, the global ice caps melt, the seas rise, and the climate changes and becomes more violent in unpredictable ways, our weather is changing in dangerous ways.

The weather in Oklahoma continues to be dangerous with tornado warnings across the state.

I was at the United Nations climate change negotiations in Darfur, South Africa and the year before in Cancun, Mexico. The science is crystal clear. Human beings are putting more and more carbon in the air which has become THE single most dangerous environmental destruction we humans are doing.
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