Stewart Acuff

Oct 30

Citizens United Decision Hits Again

Most of us who follow and care about American politics realize the huge danger the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision poses to our democracy. The decision basically makes corporate money more important in politics and policy decisions than the will of the American people.

This decision absolutely will further alienate our people from all things political and further undermine our individual and collective trust in all levels of government. After all, if government is simply bought, how can we trust it to act in our interests?

After this election, I want to begin a discussion with you in this space and face to face as I travel the country and begin to look at how much our society and our politics have changed and what we all need to do about those changes. But right now, we have to re-elect Barack Obama as President, hold the Senate, and break the power of the neo-Confederate House of Representatives.

As bad as we all know Citizens United is, too many of us never realized that it changes the law to make it legal for employers to pressure their employees to vote rightwing for Romney and other Republicans.

Almost everyday we hear of another company sending another letter to its employees demanding that they vote for Romney or they will lose their jobs, or if Obama is re-elected they will have to close down or move operations offshore.

Big Boss Man Mitt even held a conference call last spring asking CEO’s to do this very thing. He didn’t mention the middle class in that call.


Stewart Acuff is America’s best-known and foremost labor organizer. He is the former organizing Director of the AFL-CIO. Acuff has also written two books: Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, and Getting America Back to Work, coauthored by Dr. Richard Levins.

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