Stewart Acuff

Aug 29

Labor Day 2014

Monday is our day when labor is celebrated, or at least given lip service in the United States. For those of us who are committed to organized labor, social and economic justice, and defeating the

Aug 28

Staffing levels at heart of debate

This is an Op-Ed from a Santa Fe nurse. It is a true and real explanation of what workers go through, workers who are just trying to do the right thing for others. By Diane

Aug 27

Microsoft Stashes Billions Overseas to Avoid US Taxes

David Sirota is reporting on International Business Times that US technology giant Microsoft is stashing away $92 BILLION overseas to avoid US corporate taxes. This is a company that used American skill and talent and

Aug 25

Breaking News: New Hazards with Fracking

NBC is reporting this morning on their website that government safety officials and others have discovered another major safety issue in fracking, the process of drilling deep into the earth to blow up rock

Aug 22

Please accept my apology

Please accept my sincere apology for my comments in a blog a couple of days ago. A union brother police officer called me this morning about comments I made about the police in the

Aug 22

The Gap Between the Rich and the Rest of Us Continues to Widen

The US Census Bureau just released their latest report on the wealth gap in the the United States and the results are shocking and extremely dangerous to a society that continues to claim that

Aug 21

The Stakes in November

Uwe Reinhardt, an economist at Princeton, has just written a great article comparing governors and state legislatures who have turned billions of dollars in Medicaid assistance and expansion to private sector CEOs and boards

Aug 20

Mr. Brown

I wanted to share my new poem “Mr. Brown,” which was recently published on Political Affairs. “It captures the moment and reminds us of the history of struggle.” – Ben, Editor of Political Affairs Odd?

Aug 18

Racial Hatred and Death

Almost every country has some strain of hatred of another group or tribe or ethnicity. Those in power have long done all they could to keep average people divided. But we in America have an

Aug 15

Changing Lives, Changing America

We need a huge movement in America to reclaim democracy and make our economy work for everyone. But building movements means changing minds, hearts, and lives. As a way to do that, the Tennessee labor movement

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