Stewart Acuff

May 5

America, Look in the Mirror, Your Children Are Starving

I’m in a rage right now. Washington is not playing political games. They are destroying our country and our people. America is a world leader in child hunger, poverty, and homelessness. We are treating

May 4

Former Gov Martin O’Malley Appears on Meet the Press

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday passionately calling for “an agenda for America’s cities.” He said we as a nation must address the structural weaknesses in our economy.

May 1

Happy May Day!!

Happy May Day!! Today is the real workers’ day celebrated around the world as May Day!! Today let us honor our martyrs like Dr. King, Cesar Chavez, Walter Reuther, and every worker who’s ever fought

Apr 30

Senator Bernie Sanders is running for President

“I am running for president. I intend to stand up and fight for working families all over the country.” -Bernie Sanders My friend and one of my heroes, Bernie Sanders, is running for President of

Apr 29

Gov. O’Malley: The status quo will not stand

This is part 2 of my take the Steve Inskeep NPR interview with former Maryland Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley. Martin O’Malley: “I think what’s going on right now, Steve, is you have a

Apr 28

Gov. O’Malley on NPR

National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep interviewed former Maryland Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley. It was a very revealing interview, because Inskeep asked and allowed O’Malley to flesh out the most important issue

Apr 27

150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

This year we commemorate the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, who led the greatest freedom struggle in the history of our country, and one of the greatest freedom struggles in the history of the world. Though

Apr 21

Si Kahn Awarded Winthrop University’s Medal of Honor in the Arts

America’s best living folk song writer, a great organizer, and my close longtime friend and brother Si Kahn is receiving Winthrop University’s very prestigious Medal of Honor in the Arts. It is well deserved

Apr 20
Acuff on Thom Hartmann: Can Another Democrat Beat Hillary?Play

Acuff on Thom Hartmann: Can Another Democrat Beat Hillary?

I just went on Thom Hartmann’s show to discuss Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Check out the

Apr 16

“I’ve worked for McDonald’s for 22 years”

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