Stewart Acuff

Dec 18

Resistance and Struggle

We have seen more leadership for justice in America in the last few months than we have seen since 2008. Maybe it started with Rev. Barber and the Moral Mondays in North Carolina, then spread

Dec 16

Sick of Ted Cruz?

Apparently, so is the Republican majority. Cruz’s fake, halting dramatic speech patterns, which has driven so many of us nuts–and his own personal ideological perspective has finally driven the Republican majority nuts as well. Cruz

Dec 15

CRomnibus: Elizabeth Warren is Fighting For Us

So it has come to this–the only way to fund the government is to give the banks, financial institutions, and rich donors everything they want. To keep the government running, the House and Senate

Dec 11

No Retreat, No Surrender

Maybe I’m too dramatic or passionate, but in 1985 I got a tattoo on my arm that says “no retreat, no surrender.” It was an expression of what I felt in the Reagan years,

Dec 9

The Top .01 Percent are 220 Times Richer Than the Average American.

As I’ve been trying to document in this space, inequality has a dangerous and corrosive effect on our lives, our economy, our kids, and what’s left of our democracy. That inequality is also why

Dec 3

Acuff on Hartmann Discussing Ferguson

Dec 2

Immigration Reform: Compassion is Winning The Fight

For years we’ve been lectured by the radical right-wing on family values–their family values–who we can and should love, how we can and should love, how we should punish our children, how marriage should

Dec 1

Marching For Social, Racial, and Economic Justice

Though Michael Brown’s death is a horrific incident, it seems to have unleashed a wave of huge demonstrations across America shedding light on police violence against people of color. We have systemic racism in

Nov 26

We are Sick of the Loss of Democracy

As an aging father I know for me there is nothing more important than taking care of my kids and giving them the best life possible. That does not include wealth. It does include

Nov 25

Ferguson, Missouri and Killing Trayvons

The grand jury in St. Louis County refused to return an indictment on police officer Darren Wilson, who killed the African-American young man Michael Brown. The original offense by young Brown was walking in the

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