Stewart Acuff

Jun 7
Spring in the City

Spring in the City

A postage stamp sized patch of green Decorated with two canary colored jonquils Is all that stands between these old row houses And the concrete and asphalt that never change Still finally the spring has reached its destination Here

Jun 7

The Philly Amtrak Crash

Train rolls and pitches side to side On tracks uneven and under-repaired When those who can decide Refuse to even hear the crisis aired The ancient roadbed for these tracks Has settled here, pushed up there This old roadbed and

May 20

The Voice of Dissent

by Johanna Slivinske Dissent, disagree, stand up, hold tight and argue in your quietest, sweetest voice To make your point, to make “it” right, to right a wrong, to make a difference Stand as tall as you can at your 5 foot

May 20

The Academic Poor

by Stewart Acuff We do the same work, teach the same Students and classes the others do But we live in poverty, playin’ the game We make a pittance, our boss wants us to Do all that the others

May 11

The richest Member of Congress said America’s poor are the envy of the world

I read that America’s richest Member of Congress Said America’s poor are the envy of the world Issa is his name and he’s made an awful mess Of his work. Our poor can’t miss a step in

May 8

What is a Fair Wage?

 Written by Johanna Slivinske What is a fair wage? A fair wage is a baby’s diaper. A fair wage is gas money to church on Sunday. A fair wage is buying a bag of apples. A fair wage

May 6
Bernie Sanders is gonna run for President

Bernie Sanders is gonna run for President

They say Bernie Sanders is gonna run for President Press says he can’t win, he a socialist But folks are awful mad with all the rules the others bent Or really broke to get it all for

Apr 14

When night drags…

When night drags and sleep eludes you When the sounds of the city settle That’s when lonesome makes you blue Your mind restless, won’t just rest It all rolls through, what drives you Kids on this block awake and

Apr 8

Momma Used to Say

I’m proud to announce that my new poem “Momma Used to Say” was run in Political Affairs. Momma used to say life is nothing but a lot of bittersweet memories Me telling ol friend Si as

Apr 8

To Be an American

Is the best American the one who hoards the most wealth Is the best American the one who sends our jobs away And forces more and more of us to live in desperation Or is the best

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