Stewart Acuff

Jun 11

Building Our Power, Expanding Our Power

I’m very fortunate to be in Las Vegas this week with the National Organization of Legal Service Workers – a national affiliate of the United Automobile Workers, which reflects the UAW’s history of commitment to social justice.

This conference is committed to:

  • the struggle for social justice in America
  • joining with our natural allies to fight for justice.
  • creating a movement to defend democracy
  • rebuilding the absolute right to form unions and bargain collectively
  • creating healthcare for all
  • creating a society that values people and workers more than it values wealth

It is to the credit of the Legal Services Workers that they know we have to join in alliances and coalitions with folks who share our values. More and more I believe that fundamental human values connect the organizations and people that can create a much more just America – and potentially an America that can lead toward a more just world.

The truth is that the labor movement is no longer strong enough by itself to save democracy and to rebuild itself. We need all our natural allies, all those who share our values, all people of good will, and we need to do our share to build a global movement against unbridled, unfettered capitalism.

We have seen over and over that unbridled, unfettered capitalism is always ultimately destructive. There is no free market and there is no such thing as equality of opportunity.

My speech yesterday was very well received. Folks are buying books fast and furious. I did one workshop yesterday and another today.

I do so love to do this: to speak, conduct workshops, and facilitate people learning from each other by listening to each other.

Please contact me here if you need a speaker or a trainer.


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