Stewart Acuff

Jun 5

The Bergdahl Debate is Sickening Me

eHBprTkkovFivSP-556x313-noPadI confess that I am completely disgusted by the soft faced and soft hand chattering class and right-wing Republicans and Dianne Feinstein’s ridiculous and idiotic criticism of the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bergdahl. Thank God the US is preparing to leave Afghanistan. Thank God we took five more people out of Gitmo. Thank God we are bringing an American back from Afghanistan. I can’t believe Feinstein could stand there with the TRAITOR Saxby Chambliss and say, “[Bergdahl] was undernourished, not necessarily malnourished.” Neither the vastly wealthy Feinstein nor Chambliss have ever missed even a snack.

We send young people into wars of choice, endless wars and expect them to have wisdom and to not wonder what the hell they are doing there. Then rich, fat, comfortable politicians who’ve never experienced a hard day in their lives criticize our President for bringing them home.

This debate is sickening to me.

  • We need to be out of Afghanistan.
  • We need to close Gitmo.
  • We need to bring our folks home.

I do not know why Bergdahl left his post or his base–no one but he knows. That can be adjudicated in America.

But for any politician who refused to stand up against dubious wars of choice to pass judgement on young people who struggled to fight those wars in the names of those self-serving politicians just twists my guts.

Remember it was Saxby Chambliss who morphed a photo of war vet Max Cleland into an image of Osama Bin Laden to beat him in their Senate race.

There are horrible consequences to war–the most horrible things humans can do to one another. And those consequences are routine. Repeated rape and torture, death, destroyed homes and countries.

For those who support dubious wars and then hypocritically judge those who go is just sickening.

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