Stewart Acuff

Mar 5

ADT Locks Out IBEW Union Workers Because They Are In the South

Demanding a 30 percent cut in pay after nearly two years of bargaining, home security giant ADT has locked out 19 workers who voted for IBEW representation in North Carolina. It may seem ironic to

Mar 4

Gray Winter Dawn

The first gray light of winter dawn Makes the spare bare trees and their limbs The highlight of early morning It won’t be so long As the sun fills our world, even if clouded Many other features will stand

Mar 3


It is no longer just cold The cold is a physical presence, A being that fights to determine, even direct What you do today, what shape your day takes The cold has climbed inside you Making everything except seeking

Mar 2

Inequality, the Fight in Philadelphia, 1199 and Henry Nicholas

Three of the most crucial policies to reduce inequality in America and restore a middle class economy are the right to vote, the right to form unions and bargain collectively, and the fight for

Feb 27

Struggle and Spirituality

My friend and 30 year union and community organizer and labor educator Victor Narro has just released a brand new book I can’t wait to read called, Living Peace: Connecting Your Spirituality With Your

Feb 26

Chris Christie runs afoul of the law (again)

Proving again that he cannot effectively govern, New Jersey Republican Governor and presidential aspirant Chris Christie lost a lawsuit for failing to pay adequately into his state’s public employee pension system. After passing legislation that

Feb 25

1199 and Jim Kenney for Mayor of Philadelphia

At his first labor rally in his campaign for mayor, Jim Kenney gave a rousing speech to a packed hall at the politically powerful 1199 union hall. Kenney’s speech followed a very enthusiastic introduction

Feb 24

Workers Win at Walmart

In a surprising announcement last week, Walmart announced that they are raising the wages of half a million of their workers. This, after at least two decades of Walmart workers fighting for change at

Feb 23

2/20/2015: Acuff on Hartmann Discussing Right-wing Extremism

Here’s my 2.20.15 segment on Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture Rumble talking about right-wing extremism in America. (My segment starts at the 2 minute, 17 second

Feb 20

Acuff on Thom Hartmann Tonight 2/20/15!

Proud to announce that I’ll be on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann tonight 2/20/15! The show starts at 7pm. Watch live or listen to the podcast when you have a chance. On a very exciting

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