Stewart Acuff

Apr 24

Si Kahn’s 70th Birthday!

I’ve been friends with Si Kahn since 1980 when we were both involved with the early years of Citizen Action. He’s a dear friend. He’s a great musician and one of the best songwriters

Apr 23

Hidden cameras catch ALEC lobbyists

I love this local news clip that exposes ALEC for exactly what it is — a shady, corrupt front for the radical right-wing that writes and tries to pass the most dangerous democracy-destructive legislation

Apr 22

What Do We Do Best Today?

What do we do best today? We make people poor We poison our air and our earth Sounds trite, doesn’t it Like the words of a 12 year old girl Who wants a happy world But consider she could be

Apr 21
The Holiest of Days

The Holiest of Days

This Easter morning For some of us the Holiest of Days My heart filled with joy and gratitude, but My soul wails its fierce fear and undeniable desire To realize with all and for all The promises of our

Apr 17

Really Good Federal Budget Ideas

Just as anti-democratic Ayn Rand acolyte Republican Paul Ryan released his proposed federal budget, the Congressional Progressive Caucus came forward with their proposed budget. The Progressive Caucus’ Budget is not only full of very

Apr 16

Fracking Causes Minor Earthquakes in Ohio

Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press has reported that geologists have linked five small earthquakes in the Ohio foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to fracking or hydraulic fracturing, the process of forcing water

Apr 15

The Stealth Poor

I’m so excited that my poems The Stealth Poor and We Struggle have just been published in Blue Collar Review. I am very grateful and proud to be published in Blue Collar – a

Apr 14

Desmond Tutu Calls for Global Boycott of Fossil Fuel Industries

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who helped lead South Africa to freedom after a long struggle against apartheid, has just called for a global boycott similar to the one employed against the racist South African government.

Apr 11

The Minimum Wage and Women’s Wages

Thankfully the President is out on the stump and the Congressional Democrats have found their collective voice on the still critical issues of wages and inequality. There’s been lots of activity around the wage

Apr 10
Staggering Racial Segregation in NYC Schools

Staggering Racial Segregation in NYC Schools

The UCLA Civil Rights Project just released a report on racial and ethnic diversity in New York City schools. For those of us fighting for education justice and equality, the results were staggering and

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