Stewart Acuff

Nov 21

Obama Acts Boldly

President Obama acted boldly, using executive authority to help keep immigrant families together, stop fear in families of being split apart, and to create a humane and rational immigration system. President Obama’s action does not

Nov 20

New Documentary About Organizing and Mobilizing Farm Workers

My great friends at the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, including Greg Asbed, who’ve been organizing farm workers in South Florida just released a documentary called “Food Chains.” The doc exposes the poverty and suffering of

Nov 20

Proud this night

President Obama announced this day that he will use executive action to create comprehensive immigration reform. He will save families, keep families together, keep Americans in America working and paying taxes. He will stop

Nov 19

Senate Blocks Keystone Pipeline

The Senate just voted against the Keystone Pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline would only transfer the dirtiest oil in the world from Canada across America to refineries along the Gulf of Mexico to send to

Nov 17

Pennsylvanians Urge Wolf to Halt Fracking

Written by Elizabeth Arnold Despite two-thirds of Democrats supporting a statewide moratorium on fracking, during his acceptance speech Pennsylvanian Governor-elect Tom Wolf failed to address his constituents living with toxic contamination from gas drilling operations.

Nov 17

Election Results

Though it’s been a week or so since the election, I’ve still been processing the results in my head. I talked about them on the Thom Hartmann show and a couple different radio shows.

Nov 12

Another first Monday in November

Another first Monday in November Another election eve Another train ride It doesn’t much matter where If it’s some place workers have something to win Or something to lose It’s better to ride the train on these nights than the

Nov 11

Fracking is Toxic for Tatas

Written by Elizabeth Arnold Susan G. Komen for the Cure recently partnered with gas drillers Baker Hughes to paint 1,000 drill bits pink in order to pinkwash Hughes’ dirty fracking business. Hughes allegedly donated $100,000 to

Nov 8

5 Essential Qualities That Every Organizer Must Have

Nov 8

18 Essential Qualities that Every Organizer Must Have

1.  Every organizer must first be a great, active listener. Being a good, intent, active listener may be the most important quality of a good organizer. This means listening with your whole being. Leaning toward

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