Stewart Acuff

May 8

America Aspiring to Greatness Again

Last week was very busy! I had two radio interviews, and a great long television segment on Thom Hartmann’s May Day show on RT America. Thom not only plugged my Busboys and Poets book reading, but also said Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing is a great book that everyone should read!

I had a wonderful book reading at Washington, DC’s premier place for progressive book events sponsored by the Institute for Policy Studies with lots of young people who participated fully in the discussion, and lots of friends! I also read a couple of my published poems at a great open artists forum organized by my friend and amazing poet Ingrid Anders. Finally, I attended a great show with my friend and great musician Joe Uehlein who asked me to talk about the civil rights movement and my close friend Rev. James Orange on the anniversary of the Freedom Rides. What a great week!

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am Eastern time, I will be on my friend John Case’s morning radio show. He will begin at 7 am with great music, some of which he allows me to pick.  I often push for Counting Crows, because my 11 and 13 year old musicians love them and so do I… so I figure Counting Crows has cross-generational appeal.

John, his other guests, and I will continue our discussion about working class and progressive values versus the values of the radical right-wing, which has taken over the Republican Party.

Is it not contradictory to claim hatred of someone different than you as a value?

Is it not contradictory to claim poverty level wages and refusal to raise the minimum wage as a family value?

Is it not contradictory to demand that the richest amongst us pay a lower tax rate as a value – or even as patriotism?

On John’s show we will also discuss the huge breaking news that we wrote about yesterday that Americans fear falling out of the middle class much more than we aspire climbing to a higher class and standard of living.

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