Stewart Acuff

Nov 21

Alabama Limousines

Alabama Limousines filled with

Republicans from Roll Tide land

Fixin’ to roll to our state and

Your state to tell you why

They’re for Romney and Ryan

And Ayn Rand the atheist with whom

Paul and Mitt will still stand

Some folks call Alabama Limousines buses

But not us from Georgia or Tennessee land

The whole 47 percent thing came from Rand

Ayn Rand who believed in the strong and

Powerful not Blessed are the poor, the 47

Percent,  or Whatsoever ye have done unto

The least of these. See Rand and Ryan and

Romney have nothing but contempt and

Hatred and disdain for the woman with but

One arm or the one who waited to touch

The hem of the garment of the Carpenter

From Nazareth or the man with the issue of

Blood, all too weak and poor for Ryan and

Romney and Rand.

I hope someone on them Alabama

Limousines brings a real Bible, a whole Bible

With Isaiah saying is this not the fast that I

Have chosen to lose the bonds of

Oppression or Jeremiah saying render justice

Every morning and do no harm to the poor

Or the ALIEN. Yessir, Jeremiah said do no

Harm to the immigrants or Micah said the

Lord wants us to do justice and love

Righteousness and walk HUMBLY with the

Lord. Wonder how you walk humbly when an

Elevator brings you the car? Now Ayn Rand

Would dearly love that.

And I hope in that Bible they got all the

Sermon on the Mount and the Nazarene

Throwin’ out the moneychangers – that’s all

Wall St. Is is moneychangers.

It ain’t hard to follow the Carpenter, but you

Gotta love one another and you can’t walk

On the 47 percent and you can only love

God or Money.

And you gotta love everyone even those

Different from you in 1000 ways. Love

Justice and love each other because that

Bible I hope they got says God Is Love.

© Creative Commons Copyright 2012


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Stewart Acuff is the former organizing Director of the AFL-CIO. Acuff has also written two books: Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, and Getting America Back to Work.

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