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Apr 4

2 Exciting Book Readings!

We have two very exciting book readings coming up this spring!

On May 2nd, I get to do the May Day book reading at Busboys and Poets bookstore, coffee shop, restaurant and bar and probably the coolest place to hang out in Washington, DC. My reading will be in the Langston Room named after one of America’s greatest poets, Langston Hughes. If you are in the Washington, DC area May 2nd, I promise you will love this venue and the very interesting ideas and special guests the Institute for Policy Studies and Teaching for Change are planning. They are the hosts.
Today I was just asked to do a book reading at a wonderful combination coffee and tea shop, restaurant and art gallery. The place is called Kefa, after the region in Ethiopia where coffee originally came from. It is on Bonifant St at the corner with Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring. The cafe serves only organic, fresh and fair trade coffee and food. There is none of the corporate assembly line feel you get at a corporate coffee shop.

We haven’t set the date yet for the Kefa book reading. I’m gonna try to get Joe Uehlein to come by if he’s not got another gig to play the song we wrote together and some other movement songs.

Places like Busboys and Poets and Kefa and artists like Joe Uehlein are local treasures and those of us who live in the DC area owe them our business and loyalty.

In fact, Kefa is planning a socal authors book display starting with me and George Pelecanos – no better company anywhere.

Keep your eyes out for updates and patronize these great places created for us.

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