Stewart Acuff

Apr 14

When night drags…

When night drags and sleep eludes you When the sounds of the city settle That’s when lonesome makes you blue Your mind restless, won’t just rest It all rolls through, what drives you Kids on this block awake and

Apr 8

Momma Used to Say

I’m proud to announce that my new poem “Momma Used to Say” was run in Political Affairs. Momma used to say life is nothing but a lot of bittersweet memories Me telling ol friend Si as

Apr 8

To Be an American

Is the best American the one who hoards the most wealth Is the best American the one who sends our jobs away And forces more and more of us to live in desperation Or is the best

Apr 7

In a silver tube 35,000 feet high

In a silver tube 35,000 feet high I skip over the country that is our land With strangers I find hard to recognize They don’t live in my corner of this country And sometimes talk to me as

Apr 3


Snow still stacked against sidewalks, gutters I saw the first crocus and daffodil blossoms That had pushed their way through winter ground Slowly giving way to a spring sure to come Though yesterday it was freezing Funny how the

Mar 26

Macaroni and Cheese

Proud to say this poem was recently published on Political Affairs. Everyday I ride the early trolley With kids going to school. Adults going to the first early Or even second job already ‘Cause folks work when they can,

Mar 20


My new poem Rain was just run in Political Affairs. Beautiful in its gray radiance of life Satisfying the thirst for growth Bringing renewal and a freshness Washing the gritty city The rain falls today gently, sweetly The sun will

Mar 13

Ridin’ this road

This new poem was recently published in Blue Collar Review. Drivin’ this road with my son Sam Across South Georgia The deepest Deep South Once to every little town where workers might want a union Ridin’ this road I

Mar 4

Gray Winter Dawn

The first gray light of winter dawn Makes the spare bare trees and their limbs The highlight of early morning It won’t be so long As the sun fills our world, even if clouded Many other features will stand

Mar 3


It is no longer just cold The cold is a physical presence, A being that fights to determine, even direct What you do today, what shape your day takes The cold has climbed inside you Making everything except seeking