Stewart Acuff

  • Hillary Has Been Pushing TPP from the Start

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    No wonder Hillary Clinton didn’t want us to know about her secret emails and cables from her post as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, Clinton pushed and praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but candidate

  • The Donald

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    Everybody hurry and pull over. The Donald has taken the wheel of the Clown Car and what a fun ride it’s gonna be. The screaming narcissist with the swoop-de-doodle hairdo is leading the Republican field

  • Black Lives Matter

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    We have multiple racial, social, economic and moral crises in America today. We must not blame young African-Americans for expressing outrage over weekly killings of other African-Americans. We all should be outraged and demanding attention to

  • July 29th: Bernie’s Historic Grassroots Organizing Event

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    The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign truly is a Grassroots Phenomenon. Bernie is running the first truly grassroots presidential campaign in a century of American history. Bernie is running for us! Bernie is running to make our

  • Why I’m Working Hard For Bernie

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    There are a lot of great reasons that I’m working as hard as I can for Bernie Sanders. But the two most important reasons I’m committed to Bernie are named Samuel Martin Acuff and Sydney

Jul 20

Sunday at the laundromat

Spending Sunday lounging at the laundromat Or washateria, as they used to say In Texas where language blended, that Created a communication which lay In the cultures of so many under one hat Native folks, Latino, now Anglos I used

Jul 18

Acuff on WBAI’s Arts Express

Here’s audio of my recent appearance on WBAI-FM’s Arts Express radio show July 16th. I’m so grateful I got to read my poems. Image source: Massimo Margagnoni on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Jul 14

Keep on Bernie

Carl Sandburg once wrote The strong men keep coming on Makes me think of Bernie to read that quote Bernie keeps coming on like he just won’t be done. We need you Bernie, keep coming! We need to hear the

Jul 11


In Memphis on the Mississippi River in May The heat hangs through the night back into day And if you sit on the levee close to the quick current at night with a beer Trying to chill

Jul 5
We are workers

We are workers

I am proud to announce that my new poem was published on Political Affairs.   The New York Times just ran an interesting article on Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker, his broken promise to prevent right to work

Jul 4

The 4th of July

Time to celebrate independence Freedom from tyranny The long struggle to free all Americans And to extend America’s promise To all her people, right? Without regard to race, creed, color, Gender, sexual orientation, language, Place of birth, choice of love No, not

Jun 7
Spring in the City

Spring in the City

A postage stamp sized patch of green Decorated with two canary colored jonquils Is all that stands between these old row houses And the concrete and asphalt that never change Still finally the spring has reached its destination Here

Jun 7

The Philly Amtrak Crash

Train rolls and pitches side to side On tracks uneven and under-repaired When those who can decide Refuse to even hear the crisis aired The ancient roadbed for these tracks Has settled here, pushed up there This old roadbed and

May 20

The Voice of Dissent

by Johanna Slivinske Dissent, disagree, stand up, hold tight and argue in your quietest, sweetest voice To make your point, to make “it” right, to right a wrong, to make a difference Stand as tall as you can at your 5 foot

May 20

The Academic Poor

by Stewart Acuff We do the same work, teach the same Students and classes the others do But we live in poverty, playin’ the game We make a pittance, our boss wants us to Do all that the others